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About CALM

CALM Marine Consulting was established in 2021, though the staff has 15+ years of expertise in P&I correspondency in Ukraine. Our fundamental knowledge of P&I insurance and hundreds of handled cases allow us to provide you with the best service with minimal time lag. We negotiated with all relevant parties on behalf of P&I Clubs Members during damages to berths, collisions, pollution incidents, customs claims, immigration claims, police claims, stowaways found on board, cargo claims, crew claims, injuries to stevedores and any other third party liability claims.

Aside from liability claims we also assisted with Defence (FD&D) cover involving legal advisory and presentation in courts. 

We are focused on bringing P&I correspondency to a new level with digital solutions. Our priority is quick solving of our Client's problem during their vessel's calls to Ukrainian ports. We do our best to make Ukraine We also provide fast reporting and transparent bills. 


What we do

Our services

Crew Claims

Crew Claims

  • Repatriations
  • Injuries
  • illnesses
  • Medical cost control 
  • Contractual compensations


  • Survey
  • Supervision
  • Count
  • Abandoned cargo
  • Shortage claims


  • Condition Survey
  • Collision
  • Damage Inspection



  • Pollution
  • Collision
  • Damage to Floating objects
  • Stowaway repatriations
  • Fraud Investigation


  • Negotiations with Authorities
  • Customs claims
  • Ship Arrest
  • Ports Rules




E-Correspondent Project

The time is precious. It is vitally important in maritime business. We tend to minimize the gap between Inspection and Reporting in order to let the Business take decision faster and have no chances to miss the opportunity. 

Our ambitious aim is to implement digital technologies into correspondency workflow. It will allow online reporting from the attending inspector on board, almost immediate access by the Club to photo and video content taken on the spot and important comments on the current situation. 


We are available 24/7

Phone | Whatsapp +380674842048


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